The greatest collection of designer cheat sheets ever

CSS3 Cheat Sheet

A 5-page complete reference guide on cascading style sheets version 3 (CSS3) provides a very detailed summary of CSS3 elements and attributes.

Basic CSS Cheat Sheet

This is a simple cheat sheet that provides the fundamentals of CSS use. It explains the use of selectors and CSS elements to format texts, lists, borders, etc.

JSP Syntax

If you use JSP in your web projects development, this JSP Syntax Cheat Sheet, authored by Sun Microsystems, may be of real help.

Photoshop CS5 Shortcuts

Use this cheat sheet on Photoshop shortcuts in order to look professional when using your favorite image editing software.

Detailed Photoshop Cheat Sheet

This is a very detailed cheat sheet or quick reference card, explaining all the functions of Photoshop and summarizing all the major techniques of editing images in Photoshop. This is a great and short way to learn Photoshop and start using all its superb tools.

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet

If you would like to get yourself familiar with all the amazing features, announced by HTML 5, download this high quality cheat sheet with a detailed overview of HTML 5 tags, their attributes, and quick descriptions.

Photoshop Brush Tool Cheat Sheet

This is a quick reference guide to using brush tool in Photoshop application.

Photoshop Lasso Tool Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet explains how to use Photoshop lasso tool.

Color Code Chart

Download this cheat sheet and keep color codes always at hand.

RGB Color Codes and Web Safe Colors

One-page easy-to-use cheat sheet, containing RGB color codes, as well as the so-called web safe colors.

XHTML Characters (HTML version)

This cheat sheet may be very useful if you need to use special characters, such as copyright or trademark signs, on your web site.

Dreamweaver CS3 Cheat Sheet

If you use Dreamweaver as the primary application for web developing, this quick reference card will be of help, explaining the basics and giving overview of keyboard shortcuts, which can be used in Dreamweaver.

Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts

This is a useful cheat sheet on the keyboard shortcuts for Windows users.

Photoshop Secret Shortcuts (HTML)

If you want to make the most of Photoshop, look through this online cheat sheet and learn some of the advanced Photoshop shortcuts.

Standard Web Banners (HTML)

This online-based cheat sheet will help you choose the proper size of a web banner.

Basic Cheat Sheet on HTML Tags, Events, and Attributes

This is a one-page cheat sheet on the basic HTML tags, events, and attributes.

PHP Reference Sheet

An easy-to-use printable reference sheet on the basics of PHP.

Photoshop Pen Tool Cheat Sheet

Mastering pen tool in Photoshop (as well as in Illustrator or InDesign) will be easy with this cheat sheet.

Black-and-White Conversions Cheat Sheet

Designers know that there are many ways to convert a color image into B&W. This cheat sheet will help you make a proper choice.

CSS Complete Cheat Sheet

This is a very handy cheat sheet, which includes all the selectors and properties of CSS (version 2).

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