Nadia Plesner vs Louis Vuitton, interview before her court hearing

mag 1303142685 Nadia Plesner vs Louis Vuitton, interview before her court hearing tomorrow

Dan­ish artist Nadia Plesner made head­lines in 2007 with a Louis Vuit­ton hand­bag, a starv­ing Dar­furian and a Chi­huahua. Aim­ing to chal­lenge the way we per­cieve images, and hop­ing to catch the atten­tion of the star-​​obsessed main­stream media cir­cus, Plesner painted a starv­ing Dar­fur kid with a Paris Hilton puppy and a Louis Vuit­ton bag. She called the piece Sim­ple Liv­ing and sold it on t-​​shirts and posters. But the French fash­ion giant didn’t see the grand state­ment of Nadia’s emo­tive satire. Instead, they launched a legal bat­tle to have Sim­ple Liv­ing per­ma­nently struck from the record – even though all pro­ceeds went straight to the char­ity Divest for Dar­fur. In Jan­u­ary 2011, Nadia launched her debut solo show, Inter­ven­tion, at the Odd Fel­low Palace in Copen­hagen. The show includes a rein­ter­pre­ta­tion of Picasso’s Guer­nica enti­tled Dar­fur­nica. Again, this time to reclaim her free­dom of expres­sion, Nadia re-​​included the con­tro­ver­sial Sim­ple Liv­ing image. And again, Louis Vuit­ton responded with hard-​​line legal action. Click here for the full interview…

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