PRISM index – Handmade Mixed-Media Art Book by Jeffrey Bowers

A friend of mine has worked hard to compile this beautiful mixed-media book of several different types artwork, and I’m helping him spread the words as he tries to gather funds to realize the vision for PRISM index. Check it out!

About this project

WHAT: PRISM index is a limited edition, handmade, silkscreened, mixed-media book that compiles the work of a wide spectrum of artists into one place. The name serves as an acronym for print, images, sounds, and movies.

The goal of this publication is to create a collage of current art/culture scenes from throughout the US and the world. As a network for artists, this project seeks to establish a platform for multi-media sharing through the tactile, aural, and visual experience of print, images, sounds (CD), and movies (DVD) and to extend and elaborate those expressions through its online presence. PRISM index intended to create something that could not be thrown away, skimmed through, replicated, or forgotten.

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Packaged in archival sleeves.

Specific details of who’s in it below!

MONEY: The money raised will pay for the compilation to be professionally printed. Offset printing provides the highest quality and most faithful reproductions of the artists’ work. It costs too. The other costs include the handmade paper and silkscreened covers. The CD’s and DVD’s, which must be duplicated, stamped and cased. Each copy will then be individually hand-sewn and numbered for you.


PRISM index #2

  • Silkscreened cover on handmade paper. 88 pages. Hand-bound. Printed offset with color. Short stories, non-fiction, art, comics, poetry, and more. Hand-stamped 95 min DVD and a hand-stamped 70 min CD sewn inside. Plus a bonus mini-comic/zine.
  • Includes the below PRISM index #2 CD and DVD.

PRISM index #2 CD : 80 minutes (unreleased & rare recordings) – Hand-stamped

PRISM index #2 DVD : 95 minutes (award-winning, bizarre, eclectic, and beautiful short films) – Hand-stamped

PRISM index #1 – (Samples Above)

  • PRISM index #1 was produced in the same format as #2. It features entirely different artists and you can browse it here.

Artists featured in PRISM index #1

Mini-comic/zine OR Mix-CD from select PRISM index artists (Also includes a “thank you” postcard)

Kickstarter exclusive: Silkscreened T-shirts

T-shirts larger

PRISM index #2 Metal Offset Printing Plates

  • Since this is a limited edition one-time only handmade project we will not be reusing the metal plates used to print the magazine. That means you can get any piece of art/writing from the compilation on a used, inked, metal plate! These will be chosen at random and will be approximately 11″ x 17″. If you pledge $300 or above you will have your choice.


(Click the links to see art)

Mel KadelBALANCE is an 8″ x 10″ print, edition of 50. It’s a one-color silkscreen with hand coloring on coffee stained paper. Last one left. (Comes with PRISM index #2)

Jeffrey BowersUNTITLED – 10″ x 10″ watercolor and ink.

Jessica WassilTeeny’s Big Wig original artwork for Trinie Dalton’s story in PRISM index #2. (Comes with PRISM index #2)

Jed CollinsJulie Locke – ink comic. 17″ x 14″ from PRISM index #2. (Comes with PRISM index #2)

John MaltaLizard Lounge 11″ x 17″ watercolor on paper from PRISM index #2

Arrington de Dionyso – You Penetrate My Heart from PRISM index #1 (Comes with PRISM index #2 or #1 or another piece in the series)

Michael Hurley – Original Sketch (No one knows what it will be, not even him. However, it will be approximately 6″ x 9″ and most likely in crayon or watercolor)

Jed Collins – Original Commissioned Painting – What do you want painted?

Jeffrey Bowers – Original Commissioned Painting – What do you want painted?


  • Three versions of PRISM index #2 will be sewn together with the waste stock from the printing press. The colors and type are set up and tested with these pages so they generally come out very bizarre. Each will be different, with hand painted additions to the cover.


Thanks for your interest in our project! If you like what you see, please help spread the word by sharing it with your friends and posting our widget on your site, facebook, twitter, etc!

Project location: Brooklyn, NY

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