smart marketing from marc atlan for petite mort

marc atlan: petite mort

‘smoking’ by matthias vriens-mcgrath (2006)
copyright © matthias vriens-mcgrath for petite mort™

french-born creative director and design marc atlan has teamed up with perfumer bertrand duchaufour
and kilian hennessy to create ‘petite mort™ (parfum d’une femme)‘, his first fragrance produced as
a limited edition of 100 bottles. aiming to create a pure and ‘aphrodisiacally compelling’ scent,
the dark perfume is an olfactory expression of total animalistic release. as a part of the project and launch,
a selection of renowned creative professionals ranging from architects to photographers were asked to
contribute an artwork that represents their interpretation of the fragrance and concept.

signed and numbered for authenticity, the limited artist proofs include works from fashion photographer
max vadukul, graphic designers antoine + manuel, french designer christian ghion, american artist
ellen jong and many more.

(left) ‘see me’ by rankin (2011)
(right) ‘feel me’ by rankin (2011)
copyright © rankin for petite mort™

‘oh-no’ by max vadukul (1994)
copyright © max vadukul for petite mort™

‘standard sex at the standard hotel, NYC’ by olivier zahm (2010)
copyright © olivier zahm for petite mort™

‘l’inconnu XVII, petite mort’ by antoine+manuel (2011)
copyright ©antoine+manuel for petite mort™

‘from my shrink’s trashcan’ by jean-christian bourcart (2011)
copyright © jean-christian bourcart for petite mort™

‘carnal script, page 31’ by ellen jong (2011)
copyright © ellen jong for petite mort™

‘death + faith’ by wolfgang joop (2011)
copyright © wolfgang joop for petite mort™

made by one of the oldest french luxury glassmakers verreries pochet, the glass bottle
is of classic cubic proportions with a simple black band tied around the neck.
the stopper is finished in polished cast metal plaque and features the bottle’s
edition number engraved on its top surface.

‘petite mort™(parfum d’une femme)’ by marc atlan

hands on door handles 300

erica db 02.19.11


I love this collection! I just wish there was a larger edition of the perfume.

nina (zibernetika) 02.19.11

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TM: having several artists submit creative interpretations of a product for its launch? oh so market-savvy.

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