closed  Jan 1st and 2nd

Light doesn’t have words. It does not speak intellectually.
It’s pure emotion. Thierry Dreyfus

Mirrors: Isn’t the silver aging of mirrors like the reflection of the clouds? As if a woman merged with the mirror after she’d looked too long at her own reflection. We look for her, only to find her amidst the clouds. Looking at oneself in a mirror shouldn’t be about finding oneself, but about taking a step back to discover how others see us what we truly look like.

Context: A room, sometimes plunged into darkness, sometimes lit by a two-minute light cycle. Lights are like experiences: what I see appears “true” because it’s bathed in light and reflects itself. But sometimes light can erase, absorb, or dissolve what one sees.

Photo Exhibition: If one were always to describe the intent with which a picture was taken, to express via words or references what happened when it was shot, it would be like adding a glazed layer to a window display, blurring the framed image and disrupting the image’s inner- silence. It would give an imperative meaning, and create a misleading projection, before one even encounters the image. This intellectual idea of what might have happened ‘there’ replaces or disrupts our initial sensation. It annihilates our first feelings, as an unnecessary layer onto which we glue reassuring, commonplace, or socially acceptable meanings. If one stops intellectualizing an image, one can then judge it, feel it, or live it like a self-portrait of the artist inside of which one finds his own reflection. Just like a portrait, a landscape should offer the same kind of emotion that two loving eyes express, or what two lips are about to say: “Just before / in front of the photo, I can touch a face; brush your eyelids with the palm of my hand. This sensation will always exist, but I shall not fix its shape, its shadow nor the vibration of this face into an image, after seizing

Opening Hours Thursday to Saturday
1pm to 7pm
Sunday 1pm to 5pm


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