Now Earn An Internationally Recognized MBA On Facebook

Now Earn An Internationally Recognized MBA On Facebook


November 30, 2010

Now Earn An Internationally Recognized MBA On Facebook

The London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) is offering a unique MBA degree that will be delivered through a Facebook app. The college’s Global MBA is certified by the University of Wales and has already enrolled 30,000 users. Interested students can access video lectures and participate in online study sessions free of cost and will only need to pay if they decide to take an exam for credit.

Just like any Facebook application, the Global MBA course app requires prospective students to give it access to their profile including their list of friends in order to join, apparently to see their peers’ study activities, provide assistance to each other, and organize study groups. The app contains various subject modules with features such as video lectures, discussions and study material, and offers courses in corporate finance, accounting, ethics, marketing and strategic planning.

The cost of this unique approach to earning the degree works out to be same as LSBF’s traditional distance-learning MBA degree, about $23,000.

So, could earning a degree on Facebook be something educational institutions embrace in the future? We all spend so much time on Facebook, might as well get a business degree while we’re at it.


[via NY Times]

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